Hello there! My name is Feral (aka Devonne).

I am an artist/crafter living in northern Michigan. My interests and skills are very … shall we say … eclectic. If you follow me, you will soon figure out what that means. I am a creator; I create many things in many different mediums. I don’t follow “the rules” and although quite introverted, a wee bit impish. You will often find me wandering the forests barefoot, lips stained with berry juice gathering fibers and other interesting things, or sitting under a shade tree with a journal and pen.

I am not exactly sure what my blog will be focused on, it most likely will not be focused at all, knowing myself as I do. Focus is not a strong point of mine. I wander here and there following where the muses and my interests and joy take me. My creations, art, poetry, photography and mental health journey will be common topics. Mostly, I think, it will just be a look inside me and my day to day life.

So anyways, Welcome! I hope we can be friends.