Hello there! My name is Feral (aka Devonne).

I am an artist and crafter living in the northern forests of Michigan.

The idea for Feral’s Art Emporium began as a rebellion against the idea that artists and crafters have to niche in order to be able to sell their work. I am an artist with ADHD along with other maladies. My interests and skills are varied. I simply am not capable of, nor do I want to, create the same thing the same way day after day. This has left me, for many years, afraid to even try to sell what I do because I know that it isn’t accepted by the “rules” of how to brand and sell.

Now, a woman in my fifties, I feel like I am not caring so much about rules and how you are supposed to do a thing. I have been on a journey of inner healing, getting to understand myself and let myself be who and what I am without the fear of “what others may think” holding me back.

Friends and family have always enjoyed my creations as gifts, and many have purchased my works. They have encouraged me to sell my creations online. I have also sold many art pieces to strangers from the diner I used to own and run. I am confident in my skills and creativity; I just don’t fit in the box of what is expected in today’s society.

I read a something recently that pushed me to begin this venture, “DaVinci didn’t niche!” Not that I consider myself any where’s near DaVinci caliber, mind you. This statement just felt like a permission slip to simply create and put it all out there. I create because creating is my passion. Creating brings me joy, and I am all about seeking and following the joy in life!

My many skills include, drawing with graphite and charcoal, mixed media painting, watercolors, pastels, felting and fiber arts, chainmail and beadwork, sewing and needlework, upcycled projects, crocheting, wood carving and burning … I could go on. Basically, I follow a muse that brings me joy and excitement and I create and try to perfect each skill. Each day I follow the joy, what does my heart want to create today?

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind handmade gift for yourself or a friend, head over to Feral’s Art Emporium (link in menu at the top), my virtual storefront (currently being worked on). There’s a pot of tea and plate of cookies by the fire should you desire to stay and visit awhile. I will be there, spinning wool into yarn today, should you have any questions.

If you want to know more about me personally, what I do and think, or read my poetry, I also have a blog. Just follow the link in the menu at the top of the page.