And So, It Begins

As with all great adventures, it starts with a little nudge. You see an image, or read a book, and you feel a spark of joy. My adventure started with a journal prompt. The prompt was a question: What is something you have always wanted to learn but never gave yourself permission to start? For whatever reason, spinning yarn was the first thought that entered my mind.

For years, since I was a young girl really, I have been fascinated by spinning wheels and the process of making yarn. Spinning wheels are quite expensive though. My ADHD brain is often carried away by hyper fixation on learning new skills only to discard them after I have sufficiently mastered them. I have learned over the years to keep my investments small until I know if the art or craft is something that I truly love. Spending the money on a spinning wheel just didn’t seem like a wise idea.

After writing in my journal about how I have never allowed myself to learn how to spin and why, I decided to do a YouTube search on spinning. It is there I saw a video on how to use a drop spindle to make yarn. I never even knew that was a thing! Enter hyperfixation adhd mode. Four hours later I had watched a multitude of videos on how to get started, all the different kind of spindles, different kinds of wool types. I subscribed to more than a few YouTube channels and went to Amazon to make a purchase.

Many of the spinners I saw recommended the book in the picture above RESPECT THE SPINDLE by Abby Franquemont. I also recommend this book for anyone who wants to learn to spin with a spindle. It is a beautiful book with a wealth of information. With the new book and this drop spindle in my cart I checked out and waited for my package to arrive. I already had wool roving in many colors because I like to make needle felted creations, and I figured that stash would give me a good start.

The new spindle and book finally arrived. I nestled in my little crafty corner and started learning. It took a minute, quite a few actually, to get the hang of the spin and park method. I made my first little ball of yarn and, I fell in love. There is something so satisfying about this little ball of spun roving yarn. I am keeping it forever to remember my small beginnings in what may become an epic love affair with spinning fibres.

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