Spinning Wheel Got To Go Round

Meet Frigga. Frigga is my latest purchase in my old skills tool kit. She is an Ashford Traveler spinning wheel, I am not sure of her age yet but probably from the 70's. Maybe? I have to do a little more research or message the wonderful lady I purchased her from. I was so excited... Continue Reading →

A day of gratitude

I woke up to my 6:00 am alarm with a stretch and some deep breaths. I turn on the bedside lamp, having the light on helps me stay awake. 6:15, still in bed trying to convince myself to get up and get a shower. The arguments in my head are many. "It's too cold!" "You... Continue Reading →

Lines of time

Lake Superior Sunset Lines scribbled on wrinkled pages. Lines riddled on wrinkled faces. Times march relentless. Stories told in colored ink. Once young and scared, we blink at our reflections. Still bright eyes hold memories deep. Life half lived. Twilight comes. Sunset colors seep. Shedding armor, ill fitting, too tight. We embrace our nakedness, and... Continue Reading →

Pick Up the Thread

I have been thinking lately about my life. A life lived mostly to please others or to keep myself safe. I am allowing myself to dream about what I really want, like, need, and what brings me joy. Understanding my past and just how trauma programmed me to behave in certain ways, ways that were... Continue Reading →

Happy Midwinter’s Day

It is 17 degrees outside. The biting wind is blowing and swirling a heavy snowfall. I watch from the safety of my cozy little home, thankful. We are supposed to get up to two feet of snow today and it is well on its way at with 6 inches fallen at just past noon. I... Continue Reading →

Own It

I have been attempting to write and journal without whitewashing the truth. This is hard for me. I seem to not be able to write things that may cause people to judge another person. Even if that person's behavior was deplorable. I hide my own truth for fear of causing THEM discomfort or embarrassment. A... Continue Reading →

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