Blackout Poetry – Squares

Blackout poetry is a form of expression that uses the pages from discarded books. You first take notice of the words that pop out at you and then try to form them into a thought or mini stories. Then you take a black marker and black out all the other words on the page. You... Continue Reading →

Spinning Lotus Fiber

Just a quick post about what is on my spindle today. I decided I wanted to experiment with spinning some plant fibers, so I purchased a few kinds to play with. This is the Lotus fiber. It is so beautiful. Beautiful, but a little tricky to spin. The fiber is very fine and silky. It... Continue Reading →

Permission to be a Beginner

Consider this a gentle reminder to give yourself permission to be a beginner. The photo is of my first two attempts at spinning and plying wool. It is far, very far, from being perfect but it is beautiful just the same. All its lumps, bumps, and inconsistencies are lessons learned as I get used to... Continue Reading →

And So, It Begins

As with all great adventures, it starts with a little nudge. You see an image, or read a book, and you feel a spark of joy. My adventure started with a journal prompt. The prompt was a question: What is something you have always wanted to learn but never gave yourself permission to start? For... Continue Reading →

Biscotti, Baking, and Bitterness

I enjoy baking. There is something magical about just playing in the kitchen, filling the house with enticing (and sometimes not so enticing) aromas. It always amazes me how many different foods you can make with flour, sugar, eggs and butter. Today I am baking biscotti. I have never baked my own biscotti, but I... Continue Reading →

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